Hiking Trip in Ponca, AR

Where do I start? So many good times all packed into one day! This trip was a blast and was probably one of my favorites!!! Well actually every trip is my fav! Ha ha! Adventuring with my husband is always a good time! So many memories were made on this trip! We laughed till we cried and hiked to our hearts content!!! On our way home I said “can we go back next weekend?” He says “YES of course!” It was really sooo much fun. If you haven’t hiked in Arkansas, you’re totally missing out. That place is beautiful with so many gorgeous views!!!

We left town around 9 am. We wanted to leave earlier but you know how that goes!!! The drive down there was actually not bad at all. Ok, so truth be told I am the absolute worst on road trips; 10 minutes in and its “are we there yet!?” My poor husband! It was a really pretty drive, lots of oohh’s and aahh’s!!! We arrived shortly after 11 am so it was about a 2 hour drive from Springfield, MO.

That view! WOW!!!

As soon as we arrived I just couldn’t wait to start hiking! We started with lost valley trail. OMG it is wonderful so many breath taking views. Lost valley is a 3 mile loop trail so it’s perfect for first timers (or if you just want a shorter hike) and was actually very easy! The waterfall made it all worthwhile!

20170402_193423      20170402_19360520170402_193803      20170402_192919

After that trail was finished it was lunch time and boy, were we ready for that! Now the big question: where do we eat? Ummmm, Ponca literally has a population of 9 so it’s like the smallest town ever. Luckily we stumbled upon this awesome place called the Buffalo Outdoor Center. They have a little bit of everything: food, souvenirs, camping/hiking stuff, grocery items, etc. Oh yeah, and the best deli EVER! That little mom and pop deli can make a delicious sandwich, they are all made with homemade bread and super fresh ingredients! It was amazing and we will totally eat there again.

After we finished eating we looked around the store for a bit. I found this super cute t-shirt and it just happened to be on clearance- I love when that happens! And of course the huge bin of bumper stickers caught my husband’s eye! Lol, what is it with him and stickers? He would cover everything in stickers if I would let him! Ok, shopping is done and back to hiking! I seriously couldn’t wait for the next trail!!!!

Big bluff & goat trail at center point trail-head. This one was also amazing! Its a 6 mile trail one way so to do the whole trail (there and back) and its a total of 12 miles. Lots of hills and rocks!!! You will hike all the way to the bluff that over looks the Buffalo River and OMG: that view is breath-taking! Oh, and crawling through the tinniest hole ever was a good time!

told ya! its tiny!!!

Totally worth all of it! This trail was so fun!

20170402_194620    20170402_19430620170402_194042    20170403_093429

We hiked a total of 15 miles! Had a blast and made lots of memories!!!


See you soon Ponca 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hiking Trip in Ponca, AR

  1. Matt & Courtney y’all did a wonderful job putting the blog together. The pictures on trip to Ark. is beautiful an so happy y’all have good times together. So many couples have no good times together. Of course we are happy to have beautiful grandkids that love each other an enjoy each other .WE LOVE U Nanny An Pa

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