Our Love Story

Today my wonderful husband and I are celebrating 4 years of marriage. WOW time sure has flown by!!! We share the greatest type of love and I cherish it daily πŸ™‚ This guy is my best friend and I am so lucky to spend a lifetime with him!

*** Cheesy post alert***


Four years ago today I said I do to the greatest man on earth! I bet your wondering all those lovely details….How did we meet? How long did we date? Where did we meet? Was it awkward? And probably a thousand more questions!!! HAHA

Ok lets get to it!!!!!

So it all started July 22, 2012, we met on match.com and had been talking for a few weeks. Funny story he had actually tried to message me a few months back but I declined because he was REALLY awkward πŸ™‚ Hahaha! So after declining his message I just couldn’t stop thinking…”what was he like? Did I miss out on a great guy? Should I at least give him a chance? Maybe I was being to judgemental….ok just give him a chance” Fast forward a few months…I message him and decide to give it a go. So we chat for a while and then decide a lunch date would be appropriate πŸ™‚ Funny thing is he was actually hanging out with his best friend who lives out of town and then that afternoon he had plans to hang out with his dad…so he ditches both of them for what we didn’t know would turn into an all day date and a lifetime of love!!! We met at a local restaurant in our town, Bambinos. I arrive and he is already waiting for me, he stands up to shake my hand…what is happening??? Told ya it was awkward haha! So we sit down and have the most delicious lunch ever. As lunch is ending and we are totally hitting it off and we just aren’t ready to call it a day so we decide to take a walk through the Japanese Stroll Garden (omg it’s beautiful) but before we made it to the garden’s we stopped by the gas station to grab a water and use the restroom, so I do my business and as I walk out of the bathroom I am like “where is he at?” haha I thought he would have waited for me out side the bathroom but no he was waiting in the car…so I am thinking “what an a-hole” lol in his defense he says it would have been creepy to wait outside the bathroom for me…whatever πŸ™‚ Oh and another funny thing— we had the exact same car but his was a few years older. That just made me giggle!!! So we had the best time ever at the garden’s then decide it would be good to make second date plans. As we both didn’t want the date to end. It was seriously love at first sight! My husband told me he knew he was going to marry me the moment he met me…so stinking cute! So the next day we go on another date, and then another and another and the rest was history. We made so many memories together. He always had a way to make me laugh and the love was so strong from day one. It was seriously something I would have dreamed of! Every hour of the day we were texting or talking on the phone, after work I was over at his house and I would stay until forever (lots and lots of late nights) we just didn’t want to leave each other, most nights I would just stay over! We made dinner together, went out on dates about every night, and just had the best time ever. A few days after we started dating I figured it would be nice to show up to his house with some fresh baked cookies…haha he loved that…his mind was blown that they were still hot!!! Everyone thought we were crazy, they didn’t understand how two people could spend every waking moment together…let me tell you it’s totally possible πŸ™‚ We were head over heels for each other completely in love from day one! A few months later we were engaged and planning a wedding, I guess he was right about knowing he was going to marry me πŸ™‚

Many people didn’t agree with our decision…they were probably jealous..who knows, but we definitely got the “you haven’t been dating that long” yep we know and yes we are getting married! And look at us now 4 years later and still going strong. Proved all those people wrong, a lot of which were our family. So we definitely learned to do what you want and what you feel is right and don’t worry about what others think πŸ™‚

It is so funny because looking back there were so many times when his awkwardness came through and I was like no way this guy has no dating skills…haha he definitely had to learn but I am so glad I gave him a chance because now that awkwardness is just something we laugh about πŸ™‚

Our love is absolutely amazing and I am forever grateful that I have him!


Happy anniversary! I will love you forever and always babe πŸ™‚




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