Super duper big news + A funny story!

Hey friends! How are you? Hope your week is going great!
We have some big news to share: we are expecting a baby in January!!! OMG, I am over the moon excited for this! We have a waited a while and are absolutely ecstatic. We just can’t wait to meet our little baby!!! 🙂


Ok, now the super funny story about me finding out I was pregnant…
So we had been trying. Nothing too crazy, it was a “when it happens, it happens” kinda thing. So obviously I was keeping track of my periods just in case.

It was a Saturday morning: our day started off with us completing the mutt march…nothing too strenuous, just a 5k. But then we rode 19 miles on our bicycles that afternoon (I felt great, I had know idea I was pregnant!).

So that night we had gone out to dinner. On our way home, my husband was driving and talking to his mom on the phone…me in the passenger seat. I’m like “OMG hunny! I’m 4 days late on my period…I think I’m pregnant!” Then I saw an ice cream truck and I was like “turn the car! It’s the ice cream man!” All this is happening while he is talking to his mom (and keep in mind my husband can’t multi task: he’s a one track minded kinda guy). So of course he gets all flustered and says “mom I gotta go!” He missed the ice cream man and I’m like “oh my gosh, why didn’t you turn like I told you to?! We could have caught him!” So he says “hunny you just told me 5 things at once…that’s way too much! But don’t you worry, I’ll find the ice cream man for you!” So I’m thinking, oh really? How the heck are you gonna do that? He drives around the block, comes out to the main road and says “I think he went right!” Hahaha! Then about two seconds later we pull up at a stop light and that precious ice cream man is sitting right next to us 🙂 My husband rolls down the window “excuse me sir, could I buy some ice cream from you?” He says “yes, follow me.” The window goes back up and I know for sure my ice cream dreams are coming true 🙂

We then pull into a parking lot next to the ice cream man and grab our ice cream (the poor guy got a pretty good tip for all that effort). Thank you ice cream man, and thank you to my wonderful husband for always being at my rescue 🙂

So then we went home, where I had two pregnancy tests in the drawer (keep in mind it’s 11 o’clock at night). I said to my husband “I think I’m going to taking a test.” He says no hunny,  just wait until the morning because that’s when it’s the most accurate. I said “IF I’M PREGNANT IT WILL SHOW UP DAY OR NIGHT, NOW I’M TAKING THE DAMN TEST!” 🙂 Hahahaha! One test…yep its positive. Two test…still positive! So I am screaming from the bathroom “OMG HONEY ITS POSITIVE…WE ARE PREGNANT” He runs in there to see for himself, I’m in tears (tears of joy) and  he hugs me and tells me how excited he is. I call my mamma tell her and she is so happy. We had a late bedtime that night and oh so much excitement 🙂 I told my husband when we wake up in the morning, let’s go get another test just to make sure (as if 2 weren’t enough). Test #3 and sure enough, it’s positive again!!!


I call the doc the following Monday to find that I was exactly 4 weeks along when I found out so that was super early! We get an appointment set up and get the ball rolllin!!!!

Omg guys, we are so so so excited!  I was really shocked that it happened so fast for us because all my friends said to be prepared for it to take a while. That wasn’t the case for us lol 🙂

I am currently 8 weeks along now and I plan to do weekly updates on the blog every Friday so stay tuned for that!!!


4 thoughts on “Super duper big news + A funny story!

  1. Cute story! I am so happy for you BUT…poor Mila, she won’t be the baby anymore.. you’re going to have to include her in EVERYTHING! I mean everything. Diaper changes, feeding time, rocking time. Having a baby really affects a pup, especially a special spoiled pup like her. Anyway couldn’t be happier for you guys. CONGRATS!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s ok she will always be our baby!!!! And she knows that. She will still get plenty of love when the baby arrives 😍 lucky she is a pretty easy going pup!!!

      And thank you. We are so happy!


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