Week 8 Pregnancy Update

Hi friends! It’s Friday!!! That’s exciting! Anybody have big plans? I think we have some rain in our forecast. 😦

This is the first post in the pregnancy update series!!! This is so exciting. It’s the 8 week update!!! I will be doing bi-weekly updates throughout my pregnancy!

Today I am 8 weeks and 4 days exactly! We found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks. Starting then I felt wonderful. I honestly couldn’t even tell I was pregnant. Then at about 6 weeks was when the symptoms set in. It started with me being tired, then the nausea came and OMG! Wow, like morning sickness doesn’t even do it justice. It is literally from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep: the absolute worst nausea EVER. I have thrown up multiple times each day. 😦 Just the thought of food makes me sick. Eating anything aside from crackers has been a challenge. This is very strange for me because I have always been a super healthy eater and now all the foods I previously loved I now hate. Some serious food aversions LOL! So for the past two weeks I have been in a constant state of nausea. I am hoping this will pass after the first trimester. Also, I have had some breast tenderness and a lack of energy but nothing to crazy.

The nausea is the biggest problem…cooking dinner…all those smells is hard. I am often running to the bathroom in the middle of it. When running errands I normally have to stop and puke! It is becoming quite the nuisance. 😦

I am still doing my normal amount of exercise as I was pre-pregnancy with lots of cardio and strength training. I am trying to eat healthy when I can and rest when I need to. Listening to your body is key when your preggo. 🙂

We went to the doctor yesterday and everything looked great; mamma and baby are super healthy so hopefully things will continue that way.

Funny story- Yesterday when the tech was doing our ultrasound she was showing us the heart beating and all that good stuff. My husband probably asked her about 5 times if she was sure she only seen one baby! LOL  Finally I was like “hunny, there is only one, now stop asking.” HAHAHA Poor guy was nervous for two!!!  🙂


I am also finding that yogurt doesn’t sit well among other things. It’s crazy! I had always had yogurt every morning until this nausea came on and now it makes me so sick. I am finally starting to learn what I can and can’t eat. Yesterday was a pretty good day food wise.

Hopefully the nausea will subside within the next few weeks. Stay tuned for our next update at week 10!!!



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