12 week pregnancy update

Hey friends!!! How’s your week going? It’s been going great over here 🙂 Do you have any Fourth of July plans? It’s so weird that it is on a Tuesday this year. LOL

It’s time for our 12 week pregnancy update!!!! I absolutely love writing these post! I hope you enjoy reading them. If you’re pregnant leave me a comment below and tell me how far along you are!!!

I cant believe I’m already 12 weeks along, time sure has flown by!!! But I am feeling great so I can’t complain!!!


In the past two weeks…..

  • I have got somewhat of a tiny baby bump, well more so just in the past few days. Nothing too noticeable but it’s defiantly there 🙂
  • I have been able to eat super healthy foods and enjoy it, early on in my pregnancy I was having some serious food aversions so I’m glad that’s over!
  • I have been super active and have felt great doing it! I have been walking, dancing, swimming, doing step aerobics, and doing lots of toning exercises!
  • I have been a little more hungry but I have just been filling my body with nutritious foods every few hours so that seems to help keep the hunger down!
  • Last week we had another ob appointment and they listened to the heart beat, this time it was 150, at our first ultrasound it was 155, so it’s staying pretty close to the same! I absolutely love hearing the heart beat, it’s so precious!!!
  • I am measuring right on track! So that’s good! Baby and I are super healthy!!!!
  • I have had some minor aches and pains, nothing to bad, just a little low back pain and some mild cramping, my doctor said this is all normal and is due to everything growing and expanding.
  • Other than that I have honestly felt great these past two weeks. I am more than thrilled that the puking is over. LOL 🙂

My husband has been a little more protective, which I figured would happen. He was always super protective of me before I got pregnant and this is at a whole new level. LOL But that’s totally ok!!! He has been so quick to lift anything heavy if I try to do it. He has made me sit down and rest when I didn’t think I needed to. He always likes to make sure I make it to places safely. Funny story: I went to the gym the other day….I was maybe driving 10 minutes and he texted me “Have you made it yet?, be very careful” LOL He has given his fair share of back and foot rubs. He sure is an amazing husband, and I really really appreciate all he does for me and baby!!

Tiny baby bump starting to show 😄

Last thing I want to talk to you guys about is all the different ways I have increased my nutrition intake. Most of you know I always eat super healthy, lots of veggies and fruits! That is so important for not only you but your growing baby. When I am hungry I snack on fruits and veggies instead of other things. I have been adding extra veggies to our meals. The other night I made this delicious pasta dish and I added in some extra spinach that the recipe didn’t call for. Doing things like that throughout your day will definitely add up. Also I have been making a nutrient rich smoothie every afternoon and I drink this daily just to get even more nutrients. So what do I put in it??? LOTS of spinach or kale (whatever I have on hand), and a bunch of frozen fruit (also just whatever I have), I always use bananas because they are a great natural sweetener, then normally I add mango’s, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, peaches, and whatever else looks good. LOL Then I add a little water and blend away. Using water instead of milk keeps the calories low but still gives you the full amount of nutrition. Feel free to use milk if you need to add some extra calories! These smoothies are so delicious and will provide you and baby with a lot of nutrients!!! You really need to give it a try!!!


Also after talking with doctor we decided it would be best to add a calcium supplement to my diet. I don’t drink much milk, I do eat cheese but that and all the other things I eat just doesn’t give me enough calcium to add up to the 1,200 mg per day you are supposed to get while pregnant. My prenatal vitamin does have some calcium in it but I want to make sure I am getting enough!!!!

Have a good weekend! Stay tuned for week 14 pregnancy update!!!

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