14 week pregnancy update 

Hey friends!!!! Happy Friday!!! 

I can’t believe 14 weeks has already passed. Crossing my fingers but so far this has been a great pregnancy!!!! Not much has changed since our last update!

  • Still staying very active 
  • Eating super healthy 
  • Had an ob appointment the other day baby is doing great heartbeat is 144
  • I am measuring right on track 
  • Still no weight gain 🤗
  • Belly is starting to round out a little

I am feeling wonderful!!!!!!! Absolutely nothing to complain about 😍😍😍

We recently bought some land and eventually plan to build a house!!!! So that has been exciting and some what stressful. LOL We had been looking for the perfect piece of land forever and finally found it! There is a creek running through our back yard and I’m just in love with it 😍 I can’t wait to raise a family there! It’s so perfect!!!!

Also there is a ton of blackberries that my husband couldn’t resist eating lol 

Isn’t that creek just dreamy??? Lol 
Have a good weekend friends!!!! Stay tuned for week 16 pregnancy update!

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