How To Have A Healthy Pregnancy

I am 15 weeks pregnant! I can’t believe how fast time is flying by! So far I have had a wonderful pregnancy. Baby and I are super healthy! I really have enjoyed it so far!!! I know some people don’t get so lucky and their pregnancy might be a bit rough. We are all different and each pregnancy is different. I do think your lifestyle makes a huge impact on how you will feel during your pregnancy. For example, you eat all junk food, you’re probably going to feel like crap. Why? Because your body isn’t getting the proper nutrients it needs for you and baby. So making sure that you are eating healthy unprocessed foods is key to making these 9 months enjoyable!!!


Remember my daily trick? That smoothie I always talk about? Yes that’s right, I don’t go a day without it. It is the perfect way to give your baby some added nutrition, especially if eating fruits and veggies is hard for you. That may be something that helps you. I just do fruit and spinach, but feel free to add yogurt, milk, chia seeds, or anything else to it!


Here is a complete list of things that will give you the best shot at having a healthy and happy pregnancy:

  • As I said before, EAT HEALTHY! That’s #1!
  • Eat plenty of fruits and veggies. I literally snack on fruits and veggies all day long. These are packed with nutrients that will be so wonderful for you and baby!
  • Drink lots and lots of water.
  • Manage your stress.
  • Never skip your prenatal vitamin. I am so big on this! You can be the healthiest eater on the planet and still may be lacking vitamins and minerals, so taking that prenatal will ensure that you are getting all you need. If they make you sick, try taking them at night instead of in the morning!
  • If you don’t get enough calcium, take a supplement. Of course talk with your doctor first, but when you are pregnant you need a lot of calcium. It’s super important for the baby, so be mindful of that!
  • Get plenty of protein and healthy fats! Nuts, seeds, nut butters, and other things of that nature are all a great choice!
  • Stay active! This is SOOOO very important. So many people use pregnancy as an excuse to be lazy. Guess what? This is the one time you don’t want to be lazy. Did you know that exercising during pregnancy will give you an easier labor? That’s what we all want (I know I do!). If you are new to exercising, here are some great choices: walking, swimming, dancing, light weights/toning exercises. Some people still run and do heavy weight lifting but that scares me so I say keep it light. Your goal should be to stay healthy, not run a marathon. Remember you are growing a baby! Skip exercises that involve any contact; so sports like baseball, volleyball, soccer, and anything where you could potentially get hit in the belly are probably off limits. Also be careful with things that require balance like biking. You don’t want to fall and as we get further along our balance isn’t the greatest, LOL, so just play it safe!
  • Get plenty of rest! I have to take a nap each day! LOL 🙂 Do what you need to make you and baby feel the best!
  • Make sure you are getting prenatal care.
  • Be mindful of beauty products, some aren’t safe. Check with your ob on what they consider safe.
  • Most essential oils are a no-no, so be aware of that.
  • Avoid over the counter meds. Yes they say Tylenol is safe. But remember what you take baby takes…do you really wanting your unborn baby getting a dose of Tylenol? I don’t so I avoid all of that stuff. Like I said before, better safe that sorry. If you are on other meds prescribed by your doctor, check to make sure those are safe.
  • NO Alcohol
  • NO smoking, and don’t be around second hand smoke. Smoking is linked to miscarriage so avoid it at all cost.
  • NO drugs, which is obvious but hey, some people might not have their priorities straight!
  • Eat small meals throughout the day.
  • Limit caffeine intake. Again, they say 200 mg is safe per day, but do you really want your baby getting 200 mg of caffeine each day? I don’t, so I limit mine to about a 100 mg 1 day per week!
  • Don’t eat for two! Surprised? Hahaha I hate when people say that. Yes, you may need to intake a little extra but only if you are hungry. You do not necessarily need to eat for two. That’s entirely too much. And only intake extra if you are hungry, if not then don’t force yourself to eat more. Just listen to your body!
  • Watch the weight gain. Yes you do need to gain weight. If you start your pregnancy at a healthy weight you only need to gain 25-35 pounds. Just be mindful of that. The more excess weight you gain the higher risk for complications.
  • You’ll want to steer clear of under-cooked eggs and meat, unpasteurized dairy products and juices, raw seafood, and cold deli meats to avoid ingesting bacteria that could harm your baby. Also avoid certain fish that may contain high levels of mercury or other contaminants.
  • Eliminate environmental dangers. Keep in mind that some cleaning products, pesticides, solvents, and lead in drinking water from old pipes can also be harmful. Talk to your doctor or midwife about what your daily routine involves, so you can come up with ways to avoid or eliminate hazards in your home and workplace.
  • See your dentist. Brush, floss, and get regular dental care. Hormonal shifts during pregnancy can make you more susceptible to gum disease.


Just take care of yourself. Be mindful that what you ingest baby will to. So think about that before you do something that could be harmful to your baby.

You don’t have to be a crazy person when your pregnant just be aware. You will know what is right for you and baby!


If you have any questions or can think of anything else to add to this list insert them in the comments below!!!

Happy pregnancy!!!

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