18 week Pregnancy Update 

Hey friends!!! How is your week going? 

We are doing quite well over here! This weekend we leave for gulf shores! I seriously can’t wait for it! It’s our favorite vacation spot and we travel there every year! This time with a baby in my belly! 😍 I told my husband we will probably have to stop every hour for a bathroom break 😂 LOL 

I can’t believe we have made it to 18 weeks. Almost halfway done! This has been such a great pregnancy! There really aren’t many changes since our last update. 

  • Still feeling great
  • Eating super healthy 
  • Exercising the same amount and feeling great doing it.
  • Baby is measuring on track 
  • Heart beat is strong 😍
  • Felt a few movement’s so far and can’t wait to feel more of them
  • Still no weight gain, my dr said I will probably gain by our next appointment and that she isn’t concerned about it because baby is measuring on track
  • Constantly hungry and eating all the time 😄
  • My tiny bump is about the size of my husband’s hand 😂
Constantly getting told “I can’t even tell your pregnant” story of my life!

    We are so excited to meet our sweet little baby 😍 
    I am also so thankful that baby and I are so healthy 🤗

    Tiny bump is forming 😉

    Have a good day friends. Stay tuned for week 20 update!!!! 

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