Baby Moon to Gulf Shores

Hey friends! I hope you all had a great weekend! 

Last week we took a vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We stayed 7 nights and had the best time ever! We vacation there every year but this year was a little different, this year it was our baby moon!!! This was our last vacation just the two of us. Next year we will be traveling as a family of three! With the baby on the way we soaked up all the relaxation we could and we greatly enjoyed each other’s company! 

If you haven’t been to Gulf Shores I highly recommend you go there. The beaches are beautiful! They are so clean! White sand and the bluest water you will ever see! 

We absolutely love vacationing to Gulf Shores! Everyone is so friendly, the beaches aren’t over crowded, and things are much much cheaper there. Also it’s within driving distance from where we live. So that saves money because flying is expensive! We literally spent about $100 dollars on gas total, there and back! There is no way you can fly for that cheap ☺ plus my hubby hates flying so this is the best option for us!!!

Road tripping makes you tired 😴

We left early Saturday morning and arrived later that afternoon around dinner time! Normally it’s about an 11 hour drive. But for us, with me being pregnant, it took about 13 hours. Lots of bathroom breaks lol 😂 So after we arrived and checked into our condo I wanted to go to the beach. I just couldn’t wait to get my toes in the sand!

You guys I’m a total beach bum lol like the beach is my absolute favorite place ever. I wait all year for this trip! And then dread leaving lol 

The next morning I woke up bright and early around 5 am! The baby was pushing against my ribs and I was just uncomfortable so I decided to get up and get dressed and head out to the beach to watch the sunrise! So I tell my husband where I’m going so he doesn’t wake up in a panic  (he is sleeping so hard and slightly mumbles ok) so I get dressed and out the door I go. I head over the the beach…our condo was right on the beach so it didn’t take long to get there! Shortly after I got there the sun started rising and oh my gosh it was the prettiest thing EVER!

I watched a few birds catch some fish, and also saw some dolphins swimming pretty close to the shore, about a hundred yards away. I have never seen them that close before. It was the neatest thing ever!

After watching the sunrise I decided to head back to the condo…I was pretty far down the beach and quickly realized that all the condos look the same from the back side. 😯 Slight panic….I have no clue which one is ours. So I start walking, and…still no luck, after a while of searching I decided to get on to the sidewalk in the front of the condos because then I would be able to tell which one we were staying at. So after getting to the front of the condos and realizing I’m about 2 miles away I finally made it home 😂 that was a trip lol

During our stay at Gulf Shores we wanted to make sure we spent plenty of time on the beach just relaxing and soaking up the sun.

Feeding the seagulls!!!! He is brave lol

Finding crabs…oh my gosh they were huge!

Beautiful sunset 

Watching the sunrise again. This time the hubby was up for it and I didn’t get lost lol 😂

We also went deep sea fishing. We caught quite a few fish!!!

That baby bump is starting to pop! It’s about time! 

We also went on a dolphin cruise…that was amazing!

Enjoying dinner at a beach side cafe! Such beautiful scenery!

An ice cream place named after him.  It was meant to be 😂

Cutest souvenir for our little baby 

Found a hermit crab 

Gorgeous view 🤗

Comfy chair!

We had such a great trip! I can’t wait to bring the baby back next year!

A few of our favorite places to eat in gulf shores include:

  • Bahaha Bob’s
  • Pappa Rocos pizza
  • Flip flop deli shop
  • Rita’s frozen custard 
  • Janino’s pizza
  • Docs seafood
  • Tin top
  • Bills by the beach

We had alot of delicious food there but these were our favorites!!!

We also did our deep sea fishing trip and dolphin cruise with Hudson marina. Very reasonable priced, I would highly recommend them!

If you haven’t been to Gulf Shores yet you need to go. I promise you won’t regret it!

And if you have been leave a comment below with your favorite restaurant or favorite thing to do there!

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