22 Week Pregnancy Update

Hey friends!!!! How are ya? I feel like it has been so long since I have checked in with you guys. Life has been a bit hectic over here. LOL 🙂


Thursday was a huge day for us. We found out the gender of our baby annnnnnd WE ARE HAVING A BABY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Yay!!! Honestly we really didn’t care what we had as long as he or she was healthy and she is in fact super healthy. My doctor made the comment of how she was so proud of me and how I have maintained my health during this pregnancy. She said so many people go crazy and eat way too much and in return gain too much weight. I can see how people do that. But staying healthy has been my primary focus throughout this pregnancy.

Our appointment took so long. I was joking that we might just be staying the night there. LOL My doctor and her staff are super thorough and are never rushed even tho they have a million patients to see. I am so happy with them!

We also had our anatomy scan that same day. My poor husband was so nervous. He was like I just hope our baby is healthy! And she was!!! The anatomy scan went wonderful, everything checked out great. She is the cutest little thing EVER! Gosh I already love her so much! She was moving like crazy during the ultrasound and at the very end she was shaking her head no and we all just died out laughing LOL it was so funny!!!

Gosh she is cute!

Our little girl weighs exactly a pound which is what is is supposed to weigh at this point. I am measuring on track. Our labs are good, blood pressure is great, so far mamma and baby are super healthy. I am so thankful for that! Also I have only gained 2 pounds throughout this whole pregnancy! My doctor said that was perfectly fine because it’s all baby and since we are measuring on track there is no concern. So many people had told me that wasn’t enough of a gain but she said she is perfectly fine with it. So I am choosing to listen to my doctor instead of stupid people who think they know everything. LOL I swear people say the rudest things when your pregnant, if your pregnancy isn’t going exactly how theirs did you must be doing something wrong. HAHAHA!

At 22 weeks absolutely nothing has changed since our last update.

  • Still eating healthy
  • Exercising the same amount and feeling great
  • LOTS and LOTS of bathroom trips LOL
  • Not too uncomfortable yet but I know that time is coming 🙂
  • Small bump but it’s growing and becoming much more noticeable

Now that we know we are having a baby girl we are working on a name (that is almost decided upon) and what a hard decision that is. LOL I want something kind of old fashioned, something different but not too weird, and definitely not something everyone else has. This is a big decision! Hopefully within the next few weeks we can decide on one. We have a list of like our top 3 favorites  and actually the one my husband came up with is currently our favorite! We are working on finishing the registry. Also getting all the details squared away for the baby shower and then deciding on a theme for the nursery. Oh and LOTS and LOTS of shopping LOL you can never have too many bows!!! 🙂

Cutest baby feet in all of the land 🙂

We are so excited for our baby girl!!!!!

Stay tuned for week 24 update and hopefully we will have a name by then 😉

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