24 week pregnancy update 

Hey friends!!! It’s time for another update 😄

The major thing that has changed from our last update is the kicks….. holy cow they are intense now! LOL I feel her kick ALL the time. Although she prefers to move when I’m resting 😂 she is becoming super active!!!! The kicks are so intense that my husband can feel them. I was so excited for that moment!!! Now he loves to put his hand on my belly and feel all her crazy movements!!! She already has him wrapped around her finger LOL

The next big thing…..WE HAVE A NAME!!!! I’m sure you were wondering about that lol. We have decided to name our baby girl Ellie Mae! My husband’s and my great grandmas name was Mae so that’s why we chose to pass that down to her! And Ellie Mae is just so dang cute!!! 😍

Other than that everything is the same. I am feeling great and steadily growing!!!!!

Stay tuned for week 26 update!!!!

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