26 week pregnancy update 

How is time flying by so dang fast? Omg 😍 baby Ellie will be here before we know it!

26 weeks and I’m still feeling wonderful 🤗 I’m am beyond thankful for such a healthy pregnancy!

Mila never leaves our side 😍
Bump is growing 🤗
  • Still eating healthy, no cravings but hungry ALL the time! LOL
  • Still exercising my normal amount
  • Weight gain is around 4 pounds (Yes! I realize this is low compared to what most people gain but my doctor is happy with it, baby and I are both super healthy, and Ellie measures on track at every appointment.) 
  • Belly is definitely growing and things are starting to get uncomfortable.
  • Ellie is a little karate kicker…she is constantly on the move LOL 
  • Her favorite time of day = food 😂

We went hiking last weekend and had so much fun!

My hubby loves feeling her move in my belly! The other night she was going crazy and he was like “OMG IS THAT HER?” Ummm yeah who else do you think it is!?! LOL 

Last week our little girl decided to scare momma just a bit. Like I said she is such a mover that when she isn’t moving I get worried. I know…new mom syndrome.. it is completely normal to worry. So I woke up the other morning and noticed that Ellie hadn’t moved as much as normal…some movements but nothing like what she normally does. I might have panicked 🙄 so I told my husband he suggested calling our doctor. After talking with her she suggested going to labor and delivery just to get checked out. I’m a mess and balling the whole way there. I just couldn’t help but worry about her. So we get there they take us right back…hook us up to a thousand monitors and find her heart beat. And everything is good the little stinker just decided to sleep in and she was laying in a weird position so if she had kicked I would likely not have felt it. Well now I feel really silly for coming to the hospital 😕 They kept me there for 30 minutes just to check everything. And sure enough we were all good. So about 2 minutes after they hooked us up to the monitors she wakes up and decides to start moving. Such a little stinker LOL 😂 So after that trip I learned that if your concerned its best to go get checked out. Always better to be safe than sorry. And if I wouldn’t have gone I would have worried myself sick all day. Thankfully we are both doing well!!!!

Also we are thinking about getting a 3d ultrasound…momma friends have you done one? Would you recommend it? Let me know your thoughts on it!

How cute are these baby shoes? 

Grandma picked them out 😄

Omg you guys!!! We had this sign made for Ellie’s nursery and holy cow I’m in love with it. They did such a wonderful job!!! Soooooo pretty 🤗

We are really enjoying this pregnancy and can’t wait to meet our sweet baby!

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