30 week pregnancy update 

30 weeks…..say it ain’t so! 

Haha I’m having mixed emotions of “oh crap I really have to deliver this baby” to “I enjoy being pregnant and love having my baby with me at all times” to “I just want my baby to be here so I can hold her.” I honestly can’t wait for her to be here! So much love for that little baby 😍.
30 weeks and I’m feeling wonderful!!!

  • Hungry all the time
  • Loving a daily nap 😉
  • Still exercising the same (yesterday I hiked 6.5 miles)
  • Having some back pain 👎
  • Eating healthy and often lol
  • Belly is seriously growing!!!
  • Ellie moves like crazy she is super active, the other night she was doing flips and my whole belly was moving.  My husband thought it was so neat lol
  • Doctor says we are both super healthy and doing great
  • Also we had a 3d ultrasound done, it was so much fun to see her!

So thankful for a healthy pregnancy! 

Stay tuned for week 32 update!

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