Breakfast egg cups

This recipe comes together in no time and is super healthy and very convenient! What more could we want? 😄 I love a good filling breakfast that will hold me over until lunch. But I also don’t have a ton of time in the mornings. Like everyone else we are rushing around to get ready each morning and cooking breakfast is the last thing we have time for!

Using a muffin pan you can easily get 12 breakfast servings in one time of cooking. How easy is that? I love using my muffin pan espically for things that aren’t muffins….well that’s a lie…I love muffins too 😂 but you know what I mean! 

So what I do is prepare these things either on Saturday or Sunday before the week starts. So they are in the fridge and ready to go come Monday morning!

Now you have a few options with how you want to eat these…I like to change it up so I don’t get board.

First option: make a breakfast burrito. All you need is tortillas, 1 egg cup, cheese, and your choice of sausage, bacon, or ham. Personally ham is my fav but I’m not a big fan of sausage. I just use deli ham but if you are using sausage or bacon just have that pre-cooked when you make your egg cups so that it’s fast to throw together in the mornings! 

*Place one tortilla on a plate, add cheese, one egg cup, and your choice of meat (or for vegetarians don’t use any meat), heat in the microwave for a minute and roll it up! Serve with salsa. It’s that easy. A good hearty breakfast in less than 5 minutes!!!

Second option is to make a breakfast sandwich. Either use a english muffin or toasted bread. Add egg, cheese, meat, and heat it up for a minute or so. And you have a delicious breakfast sandwich in under 5 minutes!!!!

Ok so now here is the super duper easy recipe for the egg cups!!!!

Spray your muffin pan with non stick cooking spray. I use liquid egg whites in the carton because they are healthier and I like them better but feel free to use a whole egg if you want. Add your eggs, bell pepper and onions (I use a frozen pre-chopped variety) this is optional but it does add a good flavor, and then I also add some fresh spinach to my cups (this is totally optional as well). You will be the one eating them so make them how you like. And then cook these bad boys on 425 for 15-20 minutes or until the eggs are cooked!

Also don’t forget to cook your sausage or bacon if your using that! You can cook the breakfast meat while your eggs are cooking in the oven.  In about 20 minutes you will have 12 breakfast servings ready for your busy week! 

Hopefully I have posted this in enough time that you will be able to make these this Sunday afternoon! 

Enjoy 😄

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