37 week pregnancy update 

Hey friends! Life has been so busy I completely forgot to do week 36 post. Whomp whomp 😂 so this is for week 35, 36, and 37. Hopefully we will have ourselves a baby soon. Lol I am dilated to 3 cm as of Tuesday with 80% effacement. Girlfriend is head down and ready to come out. Yesterday morning I lost my mucus plug and have been having contractions. They aren’t super regular yet so we are just waiting it out. She will come when she is ready to. Until then I’m staying healthy and active! Also making sure I get plenty of rest! I have been using the birthing ball and doing lots of squats. This just help the cervix to open and do it’s job! Also I had read that eating 6 dates a day will also help your labor so I’m doing that! Anything is worth a try 🤗 at our last check up the doctor said we were making great progress and that things are looking good! So we are just plugging right along 😂 I’m honestly kind of surprised that my contractions aren’t super painful yet…I had expected them to be. But I’m sure that time is coming lol

Baby Ellie is growing like a weed 😂

Stay tuned for our next update!!!!

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