Our birth story 

Ellie Mae came into this world at 6:37 pm on Friday January 5, 2018. She weighed 6 pounds 12 oz and was 19 1/4 inches long!

We had such a great labor. I’m super thankful for that and this healthy, happy baby of mine. 😍

So for the past 2 weeks my husband had joked that my water would break at the grocery store. I grocery shop every Friday morning. Yeah you guys know where this story is heading 😂 so each grocery trip I would book it through the store like a mad woman crossing my fingers that my water wouldn’t break infront of everyone.  So I did make it through the store…put the groceries in the car and head to the bank. As soon as I sat down in the car I felt a little dribble…. So I’m like ok I just peed my pants….😂 great! Lol oh well all pregnant ladies do that. So I’m driving to the bank and here comes another trickle. Me being a first time momma I wasn’t sure what was happening. So I call my hubby and tell him that I think my water broke but I wasn’t quite sure.  His response “get your a** home, I’ll be there in 5 minutes” lol keep in mind by this time I’m sitting in the drive through at the bank. 10 minutes prior my husband is telling me what an awful day he is having at work. 🙄 meanwhile my mom is working in Branson and we planned for her to be in the delivery room, so I jump on the phone…”mom I think my water just broke… She ask what happened I tell her. The nurse she is… She says yep that’s your water. Let me get someone to cover my patients and I’ll be right there.” Ok so in the mixed of all this I’m sitting at the bank wishing they would hurry up as my water is just leaking everywhere 😂 the seat is soaked… my pants are soaked. It’s currently gushing out lol by this time I’m 100% sure it’s my water. Finally I’m done at the bank and on my way home. I have cold food that needs to go in the fridge and a car full of groceries. Oh geeze never in my life have I moved so quick. Floored it home. Throw the cold stuff in the fridge the other stuff on the counter. Get the last minute things in the suitcase. It’s about 11 o’clock. My primary concern…LUNCH! Lol no way was I gonna birth a baby without some food in my belly. So I make us some pbj’s and we hit the road. My husband is excited…nervous and all the above! We arrive at the hostipal they get us checked in. Confirm that my water is indeed broke. But I still hadn’t had any contractions. So around 1 pm my doctor suggests we start a little pitocen. Since I wasn’t having contractions and the baby is at a higher risk for infection. When we arrived at the hostipal I was dilated to a 4. So I’m walking the halls and doing great. Around 4 pm I start having a few contractions nothing to painful yet. So I tell my hubby to run home and let the dog out.  He says are you sure…. Me… “Yes just hurry” lol the nurse tells him when he gets back if the door is locked thats because A.) I’m having the baby or B.) I’m getting the epidural and its a sterile procedure and he will have to wait till the doctor is done. He says ok and head home. My momma and I continue to walk the halls. Well the whole 30 minutes he was gone my labor kicked in to full force. Super painful contractions… I’m now on the birthing ball. I dilated from a 4 to a 7 in 30 minutes 😯 WOW! Now I’m feeling like I’m going to pass out.  The pain is more than I can take. Ok get me the juice 😂 they call the doc… he arrives… does his thing and I’m feeling better. Of course while the dr is giving the epidural I hear a knock knock on the door.  Shoot its my hubby. That knock knock turns into a banging the doctor is yelling “hang on” banging is getting louder my mom is looking at me like what do I do.  The nurse is looking panicked…banging is getting louder…doctor is getting pissed..I’m like tell him I’m fine and that I’m getting an epidural. Ok so she calmed him down. Apparently a baby was being born next door and he thought it was our baby and if he banged loud enough we would let him in 😂😂😂 so the epidural kicks in and I’m feeling much better.  Keep in mind my mom is looking at headbands the whole time I’m in hard labor. She’s like this is cute… I’m like OMG  can we look at this another time lol.  She’s shopping away while I’m laboring a baby! Of course 🤣 haha! Shortly after we are ready to push. 4 contractions and 15 minutes later we have a beautiful baby girl! My mom is like OMG LOOK AT THAT HAIR. 😃 so all in all it was a fairly easy labor. My contractions started around 4:30 pm and she was born at 6:37 pm. So about a 2 hour labor. I’m so thankful it went so well. We had the best nurse and doctor 🤗 they made the experience much easier!

Our baby girl is so precious and we are just over the moon with her 😍

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