Hi! My name is Courtney. I want to welcome you to From Life with Love, a blog that revolves around eating healthy, staying active, family, and my passion for the outdoors. I hope to encourage readers to become healthy and active and to teach them that this journey can be enjoyable as well as rewarding.


I live with my husband Matt and our tiny Chihuahua, Mila, in the middle of the Ozarks. Isn’t she adorable? I hope you will join me on life’s journey and we can learn, laugh, and love together!


Healthy eating and exercise are a major part of my life. In adopting these two core principles, I was able to lose 70 pounds over the course of one year. My primary focus these days is on maintaining my weight and trying to make healthy choices while at the same time eating delicious food and making exercise enjoyable.


I look forward to sharing my life’s journey with you and I hope you enjoy!