Baby Moon to Gulf Shores

Hey friends! I hope you all had a great weekend!  Last week we took a vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We stayed 7 nights and had the best time ever! We vacation there every year but this year was a little different, this year it was our baby moon!!! This was our last vacation just… Continue reading Baby Moon to Gulf Shores

How To Have A Healthy Pregnancy

I am 15 weeks pregnant! I can’t believe how fast time is flying by! So far I have had a wonderful pregnancy. Baby and I are super healthy! I really have enjoyed it so far!!! I know some people don’t get so lucky and their pregnancy might be a bit rough. We are all different… Continue reading How To Have A Healthy Pregnancy

14 week pregnancy update 

Hey friends!!!! Happy Friday!!!  I can’t believe 14 weeks has already passed. Crossing my fingers but so far this has been a great pregnancy!!!! Not much has changed since our last update! Still staying very active  Eating super healthy  Had an ob appointment the other day baby is doing great heartbeat is 144 I am… Continue reading 14 week pregnancy update 

A Letter To Our Baby!

Dear Baby, Little do you know today is father’s day!!! We have celebrated your daddy all weekend! This father’s day is unlike any of the others we will experience; this time you’re in my belly. I am sure you’re having a blast in there! We have been thinking about you all the time, we just… Continue reading A Letter To Our Baby!

Week 8 Pregnancy Update

Hi friends! It’s Friday!!! That’s exciting! Anybody have big plans? I think we have some rain in our forecast. 😦 This is the first post in the pregnancy update series!!! This is so exciting. It’s the 8 week update!!! I will be doing bi-weekly updates throughout my pregnancy! Today I am 8 weeks and 4… Continue reading Week 8 Pregnancy Update

Super duper big news + A funny story!

Hey friends! How are you? Hope your week is going great! We have some big news to share: we are expecting a baby in January!!! OMG, I am over the moon excited for this! We have a waited a while and are absolutely ecstatic. We just can’t wait to meet our little baby!!! 🙂 Ok,… Continue reading Super duper big news + A funny story!

Our Love Story

Today my wonderful husband and I are celebrating 4 years of marriage. WOW time sure has flown by!!! We share the greatest type of love and I cherish it daily 🙂 This guy is my best friend and I am so lucky to spend a lifetime with him! *** Cheesy post alert***   Four years… Continue reading Our Love Story